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Topic: How To Gain Weight On A Plant Based Diet?

  1. Are you sometimes confused by the number of food theories that circulate?
  2. Keto or Vegan? The Mediterranean or Paleo? Atkins or Raw?
  3. Do you wonder what is the most healthy and appropriate for your lifestyle, and you end up dizzy?

It turns out that it is to the food industry’s advantage that people are uninformed because much more money is made selling unhealthy food than real food. Suddenly news comes out that says ‘Butter is good’, ‘wine prevents heart disease’ and we all believe it. Read the full article on…

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Topic: Green Tea VS Black Tea Caffeine

Today we compare So when it comes to Green Tea VS Black Tea Caffeine, Pitting this tea’s against each other in three grueling turns hand-in-hand to see if one is more beneficial than the other. green tea and black tea, let’s find out which infusion offers the most nutritional benefits.

So, Lets Get Started

Health Benefits Of Green Tea VS Black Tea Caffeine : Round 1

Nutritional Value: When it comes to tea of all kinds, the showstoppers are the antioxidants in a specific type known as polyphenols; for those unfamiliar with antioxidants, they are molecules that block oxidation and free radicals production from things…

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Topic: How To Clean Gas Stove Grates Naturally?

Washing kitchen grates are probably the most uncomfortable, time-consuming, and stressful part of the kitchen cleaning process, as they get dirty so quickly. When cleaning the kitchen, housewives try to wash the grill or grill of gas stoves later. This is due to the inconvenience of cleaning the grill and trying to go through the narrow rods, and on several occasions, we think it is a waste of time. But this is a mistake that most gas stove owners make. However, it is not surprising that manufacturers mainly produce the easiest to…

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Topic: When Is A 4th Generation HIV Test Conclusive?

First period PPE treatment window (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), Read the full article on When Is A 4th Generation HIV Test Conclusive below:

When the virus enters the body, it takes 72 hours to reach the lymphoid organs, representing the great reservoir where the HIV infection and spread phenomena occur. When these nodes are infected, the eradication of HIV is impossible.

In this case, as in a medical work accident, for example, it is indicated to take the “cocktail” of medicines, called Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PPE), that is, a therapy of three…

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Topic: How Long To Cook Sausage Patties In The Oven?

You can cook hot dogs in a number of ways, from a skillet to broiling and everything in between. While you have several prep options for fresh hot dogs, if you’ve never baked hot dogs before, it’s time to get acquainted with this simple cooking method that lets you focus on preparing the sides to go with your hot dog.

Whether baking ties or patties in your oven, use any temperature between 350 degrees and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. …

How Many Watts Does An Oven Use?

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Topic: How Many Watts Does An Oven Use?

In addition to an electric oven, you may also have a microwave. In that case, it is likely that if you bet on responsible consumption, you want to use it more . Read the full article on How Many Watts Does An Oven Use below:

According to some calculations, the microwave uses up to 75% less energy than a traditional electric when calculating how much an oven uses, for example, to cook a potato .

How is it possible if microwaves usually have a similar of more than 1000 watts? For its…

— Covered Topic in This Video — Dua E Mustajaab — -

Dua E Mustajaab Benefits

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Benefits of reciting this Dua In’Sha’Allah

* It has been narrated that this dua should be recited everyday, if not then once a week, if that is possible then once a month and if that is not possible too then once in a life time and if that too is not possible then get someone else to recite it and you should listen to it!!

* Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will clsoe the doors of hell and open the door of Heaven for the reciter.

* If this…

Dua e Kumail | Dua e Khadir (Dua-e-Kumail) | Dua Kumayl — Dawoodi Bohra Tadreeb

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khuda Aapni Har dua kamil poori kare.

*Amirul Mumineen (as) ye Moulana Kumail bin Ziyad ne aa raat ma ek shandaar Dua sikhawi che.*

Je Dua *Dua e Khadir* ane *Dua e Kumail* si maaruf che.

Je shaks
⭐Har Jumua ni raat ma
⭐Ya Saal ma ek waar
⭐Ya Zindagi ma ek waar aa dua ne parhse toh

Khuda Ta’ala ehne
1)Kifayat Kari aapse
2)Yaari aapse
3)Rizq aapse ane
4)Gunaho ne maaf karse.
— — — — — — — — —

Your opinion are precious and we want you to write about this article in the comment box below…

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Dua Hayat e Qaaf WE MUST RECITE THIS DUA. This Dua is a very nadir Dua and apne Irshaad thaya che ke aa dino ma aa dua parhye. Aa dua si mushkilaat asaan thai che ane Bimari si ghani hifazat thai che. Mufaddal aqa ye aa dua ni zikr Risala shareefa ma bhi kidi che.

Aa Dua Kamazkam Zindagi ma 1 war or 10 war to Padej Inshallah.

⭐Aa dua parvasi Dua tamam thay che

⭐Hum gham dur thay che

⭐Bimario dafe thay che

⭐Mushkilo aasan thay che

⭐Aa dua ni shaan ghani bhari che

⭐Aa dua na parnaar waste khuda na nazdik ghani karamat che

⭐Aa dua ni fazilat ghani che

Dua e Hayat

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Dua E Yamani ( Yemani ) | Dua | Mumeneen Akhbar | Dawoodi Bohra Tadreeb | Dua Yamani

*_Dua-e-Yamani ni Fazilat_*

_*▪️Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa {TUS}, ye 1438H ma Imam Hussain {AS},* na Chelum na din ek Azeem dua ni Zikar faramavi,_

_*▪️Yemen ma Nahda {نهْد} Qabila’a* na Ek Badshah tha, ehni Mamlakat {Kingdom} Ghani Mohti hati, Ehna Nazdik *Khuda Ta’ala ni Ne’amat* Ghani, Ehno Ek Dushman hato Jena si Ae Ghana Pareshan hata, Ghani koshisho na baad bhi ehna Dushman Upar Kamyabi na Mili, Ek din Sapna ma Ehne Amar thayu ke,_

_*▪️Ameer-ul-Mumineen {SA},* na Nazdik aave, ane…


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