Mustafa Rangoonwala

Nov 28, 2021

2 min read

Which action camera should I buy?
Hello Readers, 
How are you today? I am fine and I hope you all are great too. 
I need your opinion on this matter so if you own any action camera and want to share your review below in comments it will really help me alot. 
Recently I started an YouTube Channel Biker Mustafa where I share all my knowledge which I have gain in last 5 years of riding on moped 110CC and also will be sharing motovlog of my new Dominar 400 2022. 
I want to buy an action camera but I am not able to decide which one should I go for? 
There were many companies providing action cameras but I have selected 3 brands: 
Amongs these three what I found out is that gopro is the best but it comes with lots of issues and others are may be smooth but have certain limitations compare to gopro 10. 
I am curinow which camera should I buy like gopro 9 or gopro 10?
Though Gopro 9 seems to be great in its segment but it had issues with touch and freezing and what not. 
Gopro 10 is smooth and with upgrade of processor gp2 which I thing can be deal breaking as gopro have not launched any hardware for thier gopro since decade which means if I buy go pro 10 then it can lasts upto 5+ years without any hardware changes. 
Which directly means that gorpo will be providing firmware updates to make it better and better again, though gorpo 10 also have some drawbacks like battery backup is way less then any other gopro but it seems fair enough if it’s providing you more resources for videos and photos. 
In other words I mean if I invest in gopro 10 then will not need to see for another one for atleast 5+ years.

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